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KYC Marketing
KYC Marketing, Expert in consumer behavior
KYC Marketing, Win the race with the best digital strategy
KYC Marketing uses the most recent academic research
KYC Marketing can help you to better serve your customer
KYC Marketing, Specialist in digital strategy
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KYC Marketing expert in consumer behaviour | Specialist in digital strategy

How often do you stumble upon poor websites, badly designed and overloaded with information?


Only a good understanding of consumer choice and decision processes will lead to an effective marketing strategy with tangible results.

Online consumer behaviour is different from that in the real world:

• Different sense of time

• Information overload.

Replicating your overall marketing strategy online may not generate the expected results.

My belief: Combine our experience with academic research findings to keep up to date with online marketing trends.


I can help you to better serve your customer

The Company

KYC – “Know Your Consumer”


Curiosity and



• Curiosity and open-mindedness

Behavioural economics derives from several sciences such as economics, psychology, neurosciences, and anthropology. In order to be able to understand human behaviour 犀利士
and its complex decision processes, we have to keep an open mind and show a permanent curiosity about different fields from the one we are specialized in.

• Simplicity:

Clarity, transparency and simplicity in communication and in the consumer interface are key to a successful and lasting strategy.

• Competence:

My long experience and my connections with the academic world have contributed to developing solid skills in my field. In order to maintain a high level of competence, the learning process must be constant in order to keep up to date with the rapid evolution of marketing.

• Network:

It is important to know our limits. For this reason, whenever necessary for a project, I will take expert advice in any field I am not specialized in.


My Service Offer

Strategic consulting

Your digital marketing strategy does not replicate your overall strategy,
but it derives from it.

As a specialist in online consumer behaviour,
I can help you in developing your digita犀利士
l strategy:

• Definition of your digital objectives

• Choice of adapted media

• Creation of content that is adapted to the behaviour of your customers.



Are you:

– A shop?
– A small or medium company?
– A large corporation?

I offer consulting in digital strategy.

With a focus on consumer behaviour, I help you to create an online customer experience that is adapted to your business.

• I can help you in defining your online strategy by answering the following questions:

What are my online objectives?
What information and what functionalities do I want to offer online?
Which supports should I use?
What content?

• In order to ensure a perfect coherence of your strategy, I can assist you in your relationship with experts such as graphic artists, programmers, referencing specialists or communication agencies which will help you in:

Website development
Website referencing
Online promotion
Daily feed of website and social media


I offer custom-made training in Marketing:

• Digital Marketing

• Consumer Behaviour

• Communication

• Sales and Commercial Management



Taylor-made, length and scope defined together with the customer.

I offer training in 3 different fields:

• Web 2.0

Know your online customer (online consumer behaviour)
Marketing Web 2.0
Online communication channels

• Marketing

Know your customer (consumer behaviour)
Marketing in the service sector
Marketing communication
Strategic Marketing

• Sales and commerc威而鋼

Sales techniques
Salesforce management

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